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ening 〓up and socialist m●odernization. On th◆is foundation, the ◆central an●d local budgets ●were satisfactor●ily implem〓ented and new pr〓ogress was ●made in th○e reform and◆ development of pub●lic finance. Na●tional revenu○e was 6.847688 tri●llion yuan〓, an increase of 71●4.653 billi



on yuan ●or 11.7% over 2●008 (here and b■elow). This ◆consisted of 3.5896●14 trillion yuan c●ollected b●y the central gove●rnment and■ 3.258074 trillio■n yuan collect○ed by loca〓l governments. The○ central bud◆get stabilization fu■nd contribu〓ted 50.5 bill◆ion yuan. National 〓expenditures ●were 7.587364 tr●illion yuan,● an increa◆se of 1.32●8098 trillion y●uan or 21.2%. T◆hey consisted 〓of 1.527984 trilli〓on yuan of● central government○ spending and 6.05◆938 trillion yuan● of local gover〓nment spend◆ing. Local g■overnment expen●ditures carr〓ied over to 2010◆ amounted t●o 260.824 billio■n yuan. Nation○al expenditures exc◆eeded revenue b●y 950 billion yu●an. Revenue co●llected by the c

●entral gov●ernment was 3.589○614 tri

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●an, 100.1% of t●he budgeted fig○ure and an increase○ of 321.558 bi●llion yuan or 9.8%. ●The central budget ○stabilizati◆on fund contributed● 50.5 billion yua■n, raising the to■tal revenue used b●y the centra■l government to 3.〓640114 trillion○ yuan. Expenditu○res of the centr●al government● were 4.390114● trillion yuan, 100.■1% of the ◆budgeted fig◆ure and an● increase of 851.258■ billion yuan or 2●4.1%. They consis●ted of 1.527984 t●rillion yua◆n of centr◆al government spe●nding, an inc■rease of 14.5〓%, and 2.86213 tr◆illion yuan of tax r●ebates and tra●nsfer payments ●to local

gov●ernments, up 29.◆8%. Central gove


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〓rnment expenditur■es exceeded ●revenue, resultin◆g in a budg●et deficit of 750 b◆illion yuan, whi○ch was the budg●eted figure. The ●outstanding b■alance on g●overnment bonds in● the central● budget at ●the end of 20



09 ◆was 6.023768 ◆trillion yuan, whic■h was under budget●ed ceiling of 6.27■0835 trillion yu〓an for the y●ear. Central gover●nment tax reb〓ates and tran●sfer payments m●ade to local gove○rnments. In 2009,〓 central go○vernment t◆ax rebates ●and transfer payment●s made to local g○overnments to■taled 2.86■213 trillio●n yuan, 99.〓1% of the bud●geted figure. T●his

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discrepanc■y was mainly du●e to less spendin〓g on disaster■ relief than■ estimated at th〓e beginnin○g of the year, resul〓ting in a decre■ase in tran〓sfer paymen〓ts. This t■otal consisted ◆of 494.227 billi■on yuan of ta〓x rebates, an incre〓ase of 48.2●%, with the increas◆es coming mainly f○rom implement●ation of th〓e reform of taxes ●and fees o〓n refined oil◆ products (accor

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